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Our Commitment To You & Our Earth

We have reinvented how you wash your dirty laundry and we are certain that once you try us you will never go back to the laundry dark ages. We have taken a stand to protect Mother Earth and our philosophy is reflected in everything our facility has to offer. From our state-of-the-art energy efficient washers and dryers to our 99.8% efficient water heating system and the 100% natural and ECO-friendly laundry detergents and softeners we offer.

We have built a clean, convenient, and fast facility that is not only good for your clothes, but good for the earth.

Here's why you should do your laundry at one of our state of the art Clean. Green. Express. Laundromat locations.


  • No More Collecting Spare Change!! Our washers are coin free and run by cards that you fill up using your credit or ATM card using our card vending machine.
  • Ease of Use. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to operate our washers. Just select the desired wash cycle for your load - super wash, hot wash, warm wash or cold wash - and add your favorite detergent and softener and relax.
  • Get The Perfect Wash. We've made measuring and adding of detergent and softer completely automatic.
  • Get Done FAST! We take the express part of our name very seriously. Our machines are so efficient you can wash and dry in 60 minutes.
  • Relax. Enjoy our clean and friendly facilities. We offer free wi-fi, charging stations, kids zone, vending machines and video games.


Eco-Friendly Laundry Practices

We are committed to doing our part to preserve the earth's resources. We only use high-efficiency equipment to reduce our water and energy use. you can feel good knowing that by choosing our laundry services you are conserving the earth's natural resources. Learn more about our conservation efforts here.


Available At All Clean. Green. Express. Locations

We service the entire metro Los Angeles area via our Hollywood and Pasadena locations. Visit your nearest location here.